GroundSpeed Tires brings its high-quality range of tires to show at SEMA 2023, and GroundSpeed TBR introduces four new tire models for Commercial applications.

Visit us at Booth 44071 for an exclusive look at the new products.

GroundSpeed TBR Brings Their Signature Quality to Four New Commercial Tire Models

Known for our commitment to Quality from the Ground Up, GroundSpeed TBR is proud to introduce 4 new tire models to our range, all designed to provide the exceptional performance and reliability required in specific trucking conditions:

The GSVS03 Open-Shoulder Regional Tire

The GSVS03 has an Open Shoulder design that integrates into the rib pattern to provide excellent traction, and staggered tread blocks and a wide tread pattern that provide optimal performance and long, even tread wear. This tire features our STF3 Tread Compound, specially formulated to give good wear performance and tear resistance.

The GSVX01 Mixed Service Drive Tire

The GSVX01 is built for on/off road durability, and also features GroundSpeed’s STF3 Tread Compound to resist wear and tears and decrease rolling resistance. The GSVX01 tire has deep tread grooves that increase traction, and tie bars and rugged tread blocks that help reduce cut/chip and increase stability.

The GSZX01 Mixed Service All-Position Wide Tire

The GSZX01 is built for ultimate durability and features GroundSpeed’s STF4 tread compound, which is cut/chip resistant and gives this tire outstanding wear. This GSZX01 is designed with wide, solid shoulder ribs that give extra operating stability, wear and cut/chip resistance, and decreased rolling resistance. This tire’s tread also features zig-zag grooves for extra traction in wet or dry conditions, and stone ejectors to protect the tire from damage and unnecessary wear.

The GSZX03 Mixed Service All-Position Tire

The GSZX03 is optimized for traction in wet and dry conditions with zig-zag grooves and shoulder notches to enhance traction on wet and dry surfaces and reduce heat generation, and an optimized void ratio for traction in muddy conditions. This tire also features our STF4 Tread compound, and is designed with a wide, closed shoulder to maximize stability while providing long and even tread wear and reducing rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

Get an Exclusive Look at This Exciting Build at SEMA 2023!

Get an exclusive look at the 2023 VW ID. Buzz Cargo van imported from Europe as well as other exciting products at Booth 44071! This may be one of the highlights of SEMA this year, so make sure you stop by.

GroundSpeed Tires Rolls into SEMA

The day before doors opened, the crew was hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Sentury booth at SEMA 2023.

SEMA Day 1 - GroundSpeed's Range of Tires on Display at Booth 44071

SEMA Day 2 - GroundSpeed TBR New Tire Products Draw Lots of Attention

With four new tires on display at SEMA this year, GroundSpeed TBR's display was drawing lots of eyes and requests for information about the product line.

SEMA Day 3 - Another look at GroundSpeed's expanded range of Commercial tires.

At SEMA 2023, GroundSpeed TBR launched four new tire models, expanding their range of Commercial tires to eight models, each designed for the specific needs of various types of Commercial trucks.

Download the New GroundSpeed Tires and GroundSpeed TBR Tire Catalogs

A Look Behind the Scenes at SEMA

Take a look behind the scenes at SEMA 2023 as the media team works hard to capture exciting new photography and video content. More video from the event coming soon!

An Important Message for Our Valued Industry Partners

GroundSpeed had an exciting time at SEMA and loved seeing the enthusiasm and interest around GroundSpeed's new products. SEMA is regarded as the most important convention for automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders, and this year did not disappoint. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported us this year.

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See you next year at SEMA 2024!

We hope you enjoyed these highlights from SEMA 2023!